Produced and Directed by Julia D'Amico
Camera and Sound by Julia D'Amico
Additional Camera by Paul Lefavi and Edward Bruno-Gaston
Edited by David Dawkins

Artists appearing in The Highwaymen
Mary Ann Carroll
George Buckner
James Gibson
Hezekiah Baker
Robert Butler
Also appearing in The Highwaymen
Jim Fitch, Director of Florida's Museum of Art and Culture
David Folds, Art Collector
Joyce Tomlinson, Collector
Phil Materio, Collector

42 minutes, Color
Origination: MiniDV
Projection: BetaSP or DigiBeta


If you would like to learn more about the artists, please visit:

James Gibson, the artist www.highwaymen.bigstep.com

Robert Butler, the artist www.robertbutler.com

© 2003 Julia D'Amico